Licuas Trading & Contracting, a specialist in sewer cleaning from Doha, Qatar, expanded its nozzle portfolio to be prepared for even the most difficult future sewer cleaning tasks.

Again Frank Claassen was on site and within three days, the Licuas team received first instructions and training for the new equipment at two different construction sites. On the first site, there was a main pipe of DN800mm (32″), which had heavy sand deposits in the bottom of the pipe. In this case the best option was the use of the PowerJet 100, an ejector nozzle for increasing the water flow.

The following day task was more difficult. A main pipe in DN200mm (8″) was completely blocked (100%) because unfortunately concrete had run into the pipe. Therefore the WaMax 200 milling system could be used and was able to remove in the affected area of 50 meters (160 feet) the whole concrete and save the pipe.

We thank Licuas for the good cooperation and wish them every success on the upcoming construction sites in Qatar.