An additional intensive three-day training course for the Barriquand rehabilitation crew took place in mid-June for the pipe rehabilitation system which was delivered in May. The course included maintenance intervals, PLC control of the steam system and analysis of the IBG docure live documentation software.


Key features of the system:

  • Inversion and curing system for liners from DN150 – DN600mm (6″- 24″)
  • Inversion drum ⌀2000 Drum (100% stainless steel with TÜV approval for a maximum operating pressure of 2.5 bar)
  • Fully isolated swap body from floor to ceiling
  • Vertical water tank 2000 litres, specially developed and custom-made
  • Special steam system as short version with steam output of 1200 kg/h
  • Recording of all data and documentation of the entire inversion and curing process
  • Fully automatic control and operation of all functionalities of the system via PLC with touch screen
  • Automated pressure-steam mixture management system with radio connection to the liner end station (B-station)
  • Measurements and recording of temperatures inside the pipe at each end of the liner
  • Auxiliary heating and emergency lighting even without generator ( battery-operated)
  • Hydraulic opening/locking of the drum lid and screwless closing mechanism

The inversion and steam curing system was exhibited by Barriquand on June 18 – 19 at the outdoor area of the “Ville Sans Tranchee” trade show in Paris. After the show, the first construction sites started immediately. IBG wishes Barriquand great success.