Happy Easter!

Dear customers and partners,

Just in time for Easter, IBG HydroTech has the „Nozzle of the month“, our very special „Easter egg“!

The grenade nozzles are THE universal cleaning nozzles for long periods! Grenade nozzles can be used universally due to their very good pulling and cleaning performance. It is characterized by its high pulling capacity, especially for large pipe diameters and pipe lengths. The 6 thrusters with a flat spray angle result in a high draft and wash-off performance with good cleaning, even with less available water. With the optional pre-jet insert, small obstacles and light blockages can also be removed.


Grenade nozzle – Hybrid

1“ Item no. 1907 0102 6100 1
1 ¼“ Item no. 1907 0202 7100 1
• Thanks to glued-in ceramic inserts, the nozzle has one narrow design and a long service life
• Made from hardened stainless steel
• Optional pre-jet
• Reduced water and energy consumption through optimal water diversion
• Light and agile all-round nozzle

599,- € List price grenade nozzle (1“ und 1 ¼“)
299,- € Promotional price


* The offer is vald from 3rd April until 3rd May, 2020, while stocks last. The offer includes a 50% discount on the regular list price and only applies to the shown grenade nozzles Hybrid 1“ and 1 ¼“. Special offers are excluded. All information is subject to change, errors and omissions excepted.