Since beginning of August Omega Liner Company (USA) is the official Service-Station for IBG Systems in the United States.

Omega was incorporated in 2017 in Canton, South Dakota. Today, Omega continues to grow its market, providing premium quality UV-CIPP liner products and installation equipment to other contractors, who demand only the highest performing materials available. Omega is also expanding into the development of proprietary equipment and process technologies that not only optimize their own liner product performance, but also ease installation for their contractor customers and provide confidence in the long-term efficacy of the installed product.

Now Omega’s service center not only services and repairs IBG UV systems, also other product lines like the cutter systems, HydroCut and eCUT series, UV patch and hat systems for partial short liner repairs are included as well.

The Omega team has already received intensive training and has knowledge of IBG systems from its own construction sites for many years.

Since July Omega has also demo systems for different UV applications available, so that they would be happen to introduce these systems to the market. Mobile UV Patch and Hat systems are available and a large truck with a IBG maxLight UV system up to DN1200 (48″).