Since December, an optional, newly developed cutting arm has been added to the existing multi-axis arms of the eCUT series – the angular cutting arm.

Features of the new arm:

  • 2 endlessly swivelling cameras with 6 high-performance LEDs
  • camera cleaning via water flushing
  • cutting power approx. 5.0 kW at 4,000 – 5,000 rpm
  • air-cooled motor
  • sealing air to prevent water and dust from entering the motor shaft
  • vertical lifting distance 50 mm

Due to the precise 90° lifting of the cutting motor, offsets and protruding socket joints (laterals) can be equalized in a continuous circular cutting process. Two shaft extensions for the motor and four mounting points are available to ensure that the motor remains always centrally mounted in the diameter range DN250 – DN800.

This milling arm version is also the best choice for so-called “opening” after the curing of a liner that has been installed in a main pipe. The powerful vertical lifting in combination with the 5 kW electric motor enables a high daily output and thus the best efficiency on the construction site.