This year IBG HydroTech GmbH is exhibiting as usual at RO-KA-TECH with a spacious indoor stand in hall 11 as well as another outdoor stand. Since all three main business areas “Cleaning”, “Robotic” and “Lining Systems” are relevant for this event, systems and solutions for sewer cleaning and sewer rehabilitation will be on display.

Within the moderated “LIVE” outdoor demonstrations, UV-curing solutions for partial pipe rehabilitation will be shown to the visitors. The simple and fast rehabilitation process of these systems is perfectly suited for trade fair demonstrations, as visitors need little time and explanation to see the process from start to finish. In addition, two ready-to-build rehabilitation vehicles will be on exhibit, which can also be viewed in detail from the inside.

IBG HydroTech will also unveil new products to the public for the first time at the show in Kassel.

One highlight is a completely redesigned self-propelled robot system that has been in development since mid-last year when we received an approach from Jetchem Systems Ltd, who sought a specialist piece of equipment to increase their hire fleet.

After discussion it was noted that no such type of equipment existed, so through our combined efforts of the UHP machinery being provided by Jetchem and by utilizing our already proven “HydroCut” and “eCUT” milling robots as an excellent base to build from, we have together built an exciting unique product destined to push sewer rehabilitation to the next level.

The system does not use a mechanical tool to work on pipe obstacles and deposits. The work is carried out by an ultra-high pressure water jet, which can be raised to a maximum of 2800 bar (40000 psi). Through IBG’s many years of experience with water-hydraulic milling robot systems, an innovative but also marketable system could be developed in a relatively short development time. The first robot of the ultrahigh-pressure series with the name “UHP250” is designed for pipelines from DN250 to DN600 and can also be used in egg profiles due to its infinitely adjustable scissor lift and two side adapters. In addition, the swivel-mounted ultra-high pressure arm at the front can be exchanged by the user for a standard cutting-arm in just a few steps. For controlled and effective waterjet cutting on board – one rear and two front cameras. These have also been improved, as the LEDs and modules have been replaced with much more powerful versions.

The UV curing systems of the maxLight series have also been expanded. Up to now, there were three different lamp trains (light chain and light source cores) with which UV liners in diameters from DN150 to DN1600 could be cured, but a more compact version of the reel with control system was missing – until today.

The “maxLight compact” is a smaller UV system, especially designed for users who primarily want to work from DN150 to DN350, but do not want to do without the usual comfort such as blower control or detailed documentation of the curing. The cable is wound on the drum in a length of 90 metres. Variable switchable power levels from 250 to 450 watts always allow the correct exposure. The integration of digital ballasts increases the energy efficiency of the system and also reduces the thermal stress on the system. These and other changes have contributed to a considerable reduction in the total weight of 50% compared to the large maxLight system. This allows complete integration into a 3.5 tons truck including power generator, blower and accessories. This is an advantage for many rehabilitation companies whose application technicians do not have truck driving licenses.