In that category you will find product solutions for a fast and effective sewer cleaning – from standard nozzles for daily use to powerful ones for tough applications and special solutions that brave all difficulties. Do you may know our WaMax milling system? It is one of the leading systems on market worldwide. Or maybe you know our versatile usable chain rotors? Go through the upcoming product details and get involved into possible applications.


Our robot milling systems are perfect suitable for different jobs underground. The system as well as the single components are basing on a modular design. For example: the carriage of the milling robots can also be used for the Spatula and Grouting Unit. We manufacture mobile and handy solutions (e.g. HC 60 Compact) to work even on job-sites with low accessibility as well as fully equipped rehabilitation vehicles made to your specific needs.


For social and economic live trenchless rehabilitation of any kind is of immense importance for cities, countries and communities. We are engineering and manufacturing rehabilitation systems that are reliable and easy to use. Rehabilitation jobs can be finished by protecting the environment and saving time and money. Our product range consists of inversion drums, impregnation systems, UV curing equipment and diverse system components.


The business unit WaRoTec – WPT stands for water and pipe technology and covers the full range of portable water and wastewater treatment. We set out for you all the necessary process systems aroundwater and wastewater treatment.