Cleaning System

From All-Rounders to special nozzles that stand the toughest applications in sewer cleaning

Based on experience over 40 years our versatile range of nozzles for circular and egg-shaped pipes, as well as special profiles are suitable for applications from small house laterals up to large diameters. We continuously develop our products to offer reliable and efficient solutions to our clients, that create advantages in general operating processes (lower operating costs, faster operating cycles) and saves valuable resources.


Our All-Rounders for daily use are divers in application. They have become established on the market as a standard. With their strong cleaning performance they easily remove grease, soap, concrete, bitumen, mineral deposit and slag.


As well as the standard sewer cleaning nozzles product range, we also engineer nozzles, chain rotation and cutting systems that can handle the toughest situations underground. Our special cleaning nozzles offer proven high performance and resilience.


Especially designed for current demands of the market this nozzle technology achieves optimum cleaning results with reduced pressures and decreased flow rates.


There is no standard solution for every challenge. That is why we work closely with our end-users, both national and international, to develop individual product solutions.


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