ABANO – Nozzle technology of the future

Patented cleaning technology – increased cleaning performance

When using ABANO nozzle technology about 15% less drive power is needed. The energy saved can be used for suction work. Furthermore, the cross-sectional area of the nozzle inserts is reduced by about 15%. This means there is a huge increase of pressure at the nozzle inserts with minimum back pressure (approximately 1 bar). This new technology differs in design as compared with common round spray technologies on the market with increased cleaning performance whilst offering less energy requirement and material input.

  • Usable with standard assembly and normal pump capacity
  • Special features (see details)
  • Ready for any challenge
  • Novel and logical cleaning parameters
  • Pressure loss within the nozzle body <1 bar
  • No turbulence
  • No washed out threads
  • New ceramic nozzle inserts (round and profiled)
  • Patented with patent no. 1032142
  • Warped feed holes, so no stagnant area
  • Straight-line high pressure water jets with 50% increase in diameter
  • Pump capacity achievable with reduced pump rotation speed and larger water jet
  • Flushing jet with profile inserts (generated by the water-air mixture) with optimal pump
  • rotation at 55-60 bar at the nozzle (for use in GRP and lined pipes)
  • Increased water jet diameter enables better cleaning results
  • Applicable to pipe of ID 150 – 250
  • Reduced volume flow rate of approximately 260 – 270 l/min.
  • Choice of nozzle inserts depending on the maximum pump pressure
  • Reduced capillary cross section of ceramic nozzles inserts (about 15%)
  • Water and diesel consumption can be reduced up to 30%, with even better cleaning of
  • pipes and ducts compared to round jet nozzles
  • Profile nozzle inserts with conical jet (water-air mixture)
  • Additional savings are possible with pump speed reduction
  • Lightweight design can be used for air cleaning

Find more product details in the Abano brochure. You can find it in our download area.

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