Impregnation System

Depending on the rehabilitation process, the resin is impregnated into the dry liner at the job-site. To get a good installation result the liner must be impregnated carefully and evenly so that the liner is soaked with resin completely. With the IBG system the liners are treated with care and will be impregnated in one step that avoids further treatment to remove bubbles or refinish the surface.

Model versions

We offer a wide range of impregnation systems depending on the model, size and application. Our small, mobile versions have calibrating rollers that are manually driven. The roller spacing is also adjusted manually. These units are also available with a base frame and provide space-saving when in use.

The medium-sized impregnation systems are equipped with electronically driven calibrating rollers. They are height adjustable (set manually) and are delivered with wheels. We can also integrate the system into a rehabilitation vehicle should customers wish.

To impregnate large liners we offer systems that are fully automatic and electrically driven (with an optional base frame to accommodate the electric switch box or compressor). Connected to a PLC control different data such as gap space, feed rate and the calibrated liner length can be documented and recorded. The systems are also available as mobile units or built into a vehicle (e.g. with conditioned tanks for resin and hardener, resin mixer unit, conveyer belt etc.).

For impregnation of liners on a job-site

  • Applicable to liners from ID 100 to 1,200 mm (4” – 47”)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Available in different sizes and versions
  • Manual or electric drive
  • Mobile unit or fixed installation

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