Inversion Drums

With the help of an inversion drum a liner can be inserted easily into a deteriorated pipe. The coiled liner is “inflated” using air pressure into the pipe section under repair. The liner is ‘inverted’, which means the resin impregnated fabric, originally on the inside, lays directly against the inner surface of the pipe, with the coated inner foil now in the middle of the liner. By operating the rehabilitation process at the inversion drum, the inversion pressure and speed of advance through the pipe can be constantly controlled. After inserting the liner a heating medium (hot water or steam) is introduced into the liner via the drum causing the liner to ‘cure’. After the curing process a new pipe has been installed inside the old one. Our inversion drums are made of stainless steel and can be used for liner rehabilitation applications from ID 100 up to 1,200 mm (4” – 47”). They are designed and manufcatured according to client requirements and are available in different sizes and versions.

Possible features

  • Electro-pneumatically operated air inlet and exhaust valves
  • Flange for supplying of water and steam
  • Bottom outlet with shut-off ball valve
  • Safety valve with guided outlet
  • Inspection glass with LED spotlights for lighting the drum
  • Hydraulic brake system with individual braking control
  • Compressed air-driven cap sealing
  • Hydraulic brake (transport protection)
  • Redundant safety system to guard against unintentional operation or power failure
  • Powerful motor for winding/unwinding the liner or the belt
  • Pressure and temperature indication (analogue/digital display)
  • Moveable liner limitation plates on the shafts
  • Cable remote control with emergency stop
  • All features can be operated manually in case of emergency
  • Uninterrupted inversion due to no pressure drop

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