STREET TO HOME – Lateral rehabilitation from the main pipe

The system allows inverting GRP-Liner against flow direction with open-end-method.
Positioning unit and inversion unit are placed into the main pipe (>DN200mm relined) from two opposing manholes. From there, after coupling of the units, the rehabilitation of the lateral (>DN80mm) is carried out.


  • more economical than open trenches
  • usually the access to private property is not required
  • the main pipe can remain in operation during rehabilitation
  • complete rehabilitation is feasible in 4 – 5 hours
  • Maintenance of urban infrastructure such as pavement, sidewalk, trees and planting
  • no impairments in public and private areas or sidewalks
  • remaining section of the lateral can be rehabilitated on request of private owner
  • the used rehabilitation material (resin and liner) is DIBT-approved (German institute for construction engineering)

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