UV Technology

Over the past 25 years, alongside the heat curing systems for trenchless pipe rehabilitation, the curing of liners using UV light was developed – providing a space saving system that utilised a UV-sensitive photo-initiated resin.

Together with national and international application technicians IBG developed an efficient and easy-to-use UV curing system. We highlighted a need for high quality and a product that stands up to the different challenges on job-sites. The result is an effective and compact system of modular design that can grow to meet expanding needs.

It can be supplied as mobile unit for limited access job-sites or as a fully equipped rehabilitation vehicle. The system is available in models cd maxLight 5200, cd maxLight 9600 and cd maxLight 12000 including various upgrades. It can be utilised in circular cross section pipes from ID 150 to 1,500 mm (6” UV Curing Equipment for circular cross-section pipes from ID 150 to 1,500 mm (6” – 60”), egg-shaped pipes and special profiles to 60”) as well as in various egg-shaped pipes. Depending on the dimensions of a project, the system is equipped with a light train or UV double cores.

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