Partial or complete vehicle body work

To arrange your work on job-sites as effectively as possible we construct self-sufficient sewer rehabilitation vehicles of any kind to client requirements. We offer a broad range of system components so clients can choose between installation of just some components or up to a fully equipped vehicle. We provide superior quality work on all designs. The bodywork for every customized vehicle is completed in our own plant. Maintenance and repair work are also a part of our service package.

Operator room

In addition to the system components like electrical driven hose reel, swivelling flushing drum, slide-out, extendable hoist and a stainless steel water tank we furnish an operator room which allows optimum use. This is equipped with different control units and technical tools to operate and control the HydroCut milling robots and devices.

Overview of system components available

Please have a look to our site References. There you will find spezific examples of customized vehicles.

How can we help you?

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