System components

UV System

  • Cable drum with up to 300 meters cable length and integrated control panel
  •  SPS control to operate and monitor the light chain from the drum
  • Connector camera for real-time monitoring and recording of the process in the pipe
  •  Available as mobile unit or permanently integrated in the vehicle

UV Light Set

Technical data:

  • Application range DN150 to DN600
  • 2x light chain with 4 UV lamps each (operation with one light chain possible)
  • adjustable in steps depending on the diameter of 400 / 500 / 650 watts per lamp (total output 5.2KW)
  • 2 IR temperature sensors
  • Front camera with high-power LED illumination
  • Plug-in camera with high-power LED illumination
  • connection adapter (middle piece 200) to connect both chains
  • Wheel sets for DN150 to DN600
  • Weight: ca.22kg / 1ne unit without wheel set: 7kg

End Cap set

  • 2 End Cap Cable Guides
  • 5 stainless steel End Cap set DN 150 – 600
  • 2 x End Cap DN150
  • 2 x End Cap DN200-250
  • 2 x End Cap DN300-350
  • 2 x End Cap DN400-450
  • 2 x End Cap DN500-600

Egg shaped End Cap set

  • 2 End Cap Cable Guides
  • Egg shaped End Cap pair for DN 300/450
  • Egg shaped End Cap pair for DN 400/600
  • Egg shaped End Cap pair for DN 500/750

Wheel set light train

  • Wheel set for DN 150-250
  • Wheel set for DN 300-400
  • Adapter for DN 450/500
  • Adapter for DN 550/600

Accessoires set

  • air hose and pneumatic hose
  • div. Cable Guides
  • spindles
  • pipes

Consumables / spare parts

  • UV-radiator
  • curing robe with drum
  • front camera
  • plug camera

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