“RO-KA-TECH – The same procedure as every year?” This is definitely not the case for IBG HydroTech. Of course, the two spacious exhibition stands remained in order to present the wide product range to the customers. Especially at this fair there is the possibility to present the products exhibited on the inside booth in action on a generous outside booth. Apart from that, a lot has changed. The international focus of this trade fair is becoming increasingly clear, which is also reflected in the visitor mix. In addition to the regular German and European audience, IBG welcomed numerous guests from Canada, Australia and the Far East. This special mix of visitors makes the show a very special event, which is perceived as positive by both exhibitors and visitors. Furthermore, IBG HydroTech was very satisfied with the response and the strong international interest, which was noted on all three days of the event.


In combination with the two new products, the ultra-high pressure robot “UHP250” and the new UV system “maxLight compact”, established technologies such as nozzles and cutting robot systems were showcased. Extensive technical discussions allow us to continuously improve our own products and to launch new developments.

The best example for this is the UV short liner system “IBG UV Patch”, which was showcased several times during the moderated “LIVE” demonstrations between Halls 11 and 3. The system, which once had its premiere at RO-KA-TECH, is today in use worldwide and delivers best results to customers, which is also reflected in the increased sales figures. The simple and, especially, fast rehabilitation process of the system is a convincing long-term and the next demo tours for customers in Germany and Poland are already scheduled.