Special solutions – for all current pipe profiles

There is no standard solution for every challenge. That is why we work closely with our end-users, both national and internastional, to develop individual product solutions.


The PowerJet-Serie is the latest generation of our ejector nozzles. These are especially suitable for the cleaning of water-bearing pipes and sewers pipes from ID 400 mm (16”) up to very large profiles. With optimal conversion of incoming water pressure and flow rate the performance is increased with less power input. With a flow of only 280 litres per minute and 130 bar pressure huge amounts of heavy materials (stones, mud and paper or cellulose) can be removed. The system also offers a gentler cleaning method using low working pressures of about 40 bar at the end of the injector tube. This meets the requirements of most authorities with regard to the preservation of older sewer systems. To drive the ejector systems any source of clean water, such as recycled water, can be used.

Mega-Profile Solutions – GP 150

The GP 150 consists of a cage system with variable width and height for use in large profile sewer pipes including round-, egg- and square profiles, as well as profiles with a dry weather gutter. The modular-design system is constructed in such a way that the user can operate in a specific profile size with a minimum of components and assembly requirements. This means that the user can attain a maximum assembled size of ID 4,000, with only 5 plugged connections and 3 bolt connections.

Main Components of the GP 150

The main components of the GP 150 include a connection and distribution block with 4 cleaning nozzles, 2 side nozzle blocks with 5 cleaning nozzles per block and a multi-foldable and demountable cage. With this system project costs as well as physical strain on operators will be reduced.

Manhole Cleaner

Another example of a customized solution is the Manhole Cleaner. Working with a combined manhole cover, a hose guide, a special guide cage as well as a Roto-Jet Nozzle, operators will get an easy-to-handle and reliable system for cleaning any manhole – even the deepest ones.

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