Nieuwco B.V., a loyal customer of IBG from the Netherlands, recently received training on the newly ordered system. In addition to the total of 7 cutting robot systems of the HydroCut series, which have been used successfully and permanently since 2017, the UV-Patch & Hut system for short liner and hat profile rehabilitation has now been added. Of course, including adaptation for the cutting robots for easy and perfect positioning.

Since the first construction sites were already being planned shortly after delivery of the system, it suited to carry out the extensive user training directly on site. IBG’s experienced application engineer Dennis Huncke trained the Nieuwco rehabilitation team on a total of 2 days.

On the first day, the use of the system, its set-up on the various pipe dimensions and the maintenance of the equipment components were taught.

On the second day focus was put on practical handling. Above-ground tests in the company’s own facilities and afterwards on the construction site. Here, the HydroCut 200 system with cleaning and positioning adapter was coupled to the packer and brought into the sewer.

Thanks to the smooth operation, the construction site was successfully completed in the afternoon. We wish Nieuwco all the best and efficient work with the new system.