The “UHP” success story continued in mid-October. This time, the challenge for the high-pressure robotic system was heavy root ingrowth of a large chestnut tree located directly above a concrete sewer.

The problem of root ingrowth has existed for a year now. Various high-pressure techniques and mechanical milling trials by a variety of service providers have remained unsuccessful until now. When IBG HydroTech was called to help, the pipeline was fully blocked over a total length of 500cm. This required quick action, as otherwise the entire pipe section would have had to be rehabilitated using open trenches.
The UHP 250 system was put into operation and adjusted early in the morning with a Falch ultra-high-pressure pump and rotation nozzle at a maximum pressure of 2500 bar. Daniel Zimmer himself was on site for this project and supported Umtec GmbH & Co. KG from Alzenau, Germany.

As planned, the system was excellently suited for solving the problem and was able to remove all blockages completely in just a few hours. As the next step Umtec plans to rehabilitate the pipeline with a felt liner and sleeves.

Next construction sites for the UHP system in November are already being scheduled.