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Electric cutting robot!


Electric cutting
2-in-1 inspection and milling robot of the latest generation


2-in-1 inspection and milling robot of the latest generation
Ultra-high pressure robot!


Ultra-high pressure
Hydraulic cutting robot!


Hydraulic cutting

Milling work in the pipe

In the case of debris or even full blockages in the sewer, nozzles sometimes get you nowhere. For this purpose, we have developed the ultrahigh-pressure robot UHP 250. Connected to an ultrahigh-pressure unit, the powerful robot shoots a jet of water at up to 3000 bar through the sewer. This loosens even the most stubborn blockages caused by minerals or concrete without damaging the pipe.
However, our specially developed robots and products are not only suitable for cleaning pipes.
In preparation for liner insertion, the pipe is often pre-milled to remove spouts or roots. This ensures a smoother surface in the pipe and the liner has a better and wrinkle-free hold. For this application, we recommend our milling robots with electric or hydraulic milling heads.

HydroCut and eCut

These robots are also ideally suited for the precise opening of the ‘cured’ liner at a junction.
Easy operation using joysticks or touch panels and automatic data transfer of measured values and video in 4K quality reduce the training times of application technicians to a minimum.
The IBG robots are available individually as well as in a vehicle extension and can easily operate in large pipe diameters and also in ovoid profiles by means of an optional carriage.


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