Robotic System

High-performance robots for precision work in networks

We continues to develop and manufacture a variety of robot milling systems for relined pipes with the capacity to negotiate various pipe bends. The robots are driven by high water pressure and are applicable to both circular and egg shaped pipes. All robots are easy to handle with a mobile control unit or an integrated vehicle control panel. Thanks to the all-purpose tool holder, changing of cutting heads is a fast and easy operation.

The robotic system is completed by our flexible and easy to handle Grouting and Spatula System. This system is used for structural maintenance and repair.


The milling robots are engineered for precession work in channels from ID 90 up to 800 mm (3.5 – 32″). The HydroCut & eCUT series are suitable for cutting of house connections as well as for main sewers. The HydroCut/eCUT 60 and 100 are also available as a compact version combined with a control unit – that make them flexible even at job-sites with most difficult access.


This system is applicable for structural rehabilitation work. We offer a Grouting and Spatula unit using a cartridge system and our new development: the 2K Hybrid-Grouting-System using a hybrid resin. A precisely operation is assured by a continuously adjustable electric drive and rotating motor.


The UHP250 is a completely redesigned self-propelled robot system. In comparison to the proven “HydroCut” and “eCUT” milling robot series, the system does not use a mechanical tool to work on drainage obstacles and deposits in the pipeline.


To arrange your work on job-sites as effectively as possible we construct self-sufficient sewer rehabilitation vehicles of any kind. From just installing single componentes to a fully equipped vehicle we offer the entire range of consruction work.


Beside standardized partial or complete vehicle body work we also construct rehabilitation vehicles to your needs. You can discuss your ideas and wishes with our experts and develop the construction together. We will meet your requirements.