IBB16 © takes off


Only a few months after the official clearance by the international “Public Health and Safety Organization” NSF, we are already able to implement projects worth millions around the globe.

Customers from all corners of the world have already recognized the need to renew their drinking water networks and have taken important steps.
Most Water and wastewater networks worldwide are outdated. In some cases, municipalities are not yet aware of this condition and network operators are preoccupied with leak elimination and short-term repair measures instead of eliminating the problem across the board.

What exactly is IBB16®?
The IBB16® system is a hybrid hose pipe relining (without bonding with the old pipe) that can beused for the rehabilitation of pressure lines. The system combines two pipe liners with differentproperties in order to meet the necessary criteria for the rehabilitation of a pressurized water pipe.The system combines the IBG UV + steam systems into the IBB16® system.The system combines IBG UV + steam systems to form the IBB16® system.
IBB16® can be used in pressure lines up to an operating pressure of 16 bar (232 psi). The minimumpipe diameter is: DN 150 The maximum pipe diameter is: DN 1600

Advantages of the IBB16® system

1.Inner coating

Inner layer PE material of approx. 1mm-The PE inner coating is the guarantee for longevity. In drinking water it increases process reliability and in wastewater pressure or industrial pipes the high wall thickness of the coating is essential as wearing layer.

2. Steam curing of the PE fabric with the epoxy layer
For binding PE to the UV liner-The second process step ensures the introductionof the thick PE coating with all of the above Benefits.

3. High static load capacity
Due to the fiberglass construction with UV curing

4. Liner ends in the new pipe piece-absolute independence from the old pipe

With both versions, the IBB16® guarantees a completely new pipeline without any connection to the old pipe. Only these two connection versions offer the pipe-in-pipe solution. The conventional new building loses all technical arguments and the IBB16® solution is always an equivalent or better economical and technical variant.

5. Small construction pits for rehabilitation with pipeliners
The following applies to PE pipe processes: The deeper the pipe to be rehabilitated, the longer the excavation pit, due to the flat installation angle. An installation angle of 90°like a CIPP pipe liner does not achieve any other type of renovation.

6. Low transport costs and space requirements on the construction site. The pipe liners are folded and transported in boxes. All conventional pipe processes have a considerably larger transport effort and space requirement.

7. Insignificant or no hydraulic loss. The wall thickness of the IBB16® only insignificantly reduces the pipe cross-section. Usually, the hydraulic system of the line is further improved by the smooth PE coating.

8. Process control of the UV and mixing system. The system technology controls and monitors all essential process parameters and guarantees a high level of process reliability in use and in the result.

9. Optimal ratio

Between wall thickness and required operating pressure

10. Highest pressure and vacuum stability through the use of a GRP pipeliner. The static values are equipped with multiple security.

11. Wall thickness up to 17.5 mm GRP possible. No application restriction up to 16 bar operating pressure.

12. Minimum adherence strength of the inner coating of 6N / mm²
Absolute vacuum resistance of the system.

13. Lengths up to 300 m are possible without any problems
The installation length depends on the diameter and the route of the line.

14. Suitability for drinking water
The IBB16® has successfully passed the migration test for Italy. The approval for China is available. NSF 61 approval is in the process.